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Blue Crystal Software


Mission Statement
To provide our customers with innovative, dependable software products and services that assist them in running their businesses and boosting their bottom line.

Blue Crystal Quality
At Blue Crystal Software, the pursuit of quality is an on-going process that provides the framework for everything we do. Our commitment to this process will enable us to achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction.


The management team is responsible for and committed to:

  • Setting an example of support for the quality process
  • Creating an atmosphere that encourages the active participation of all employees in the refinement of the quality process
  • Upholding and refining the quality process
  • Instilling a commitment to quality in employees, vendors and partners
Blue Crystal Software

Quality is the responsibility of each and every employee. All employees are expected and encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in refining the quality process
  • Uphold the quality standards
  • Identify problem areas and areas for improvement throughout the organization
  • Focus on total customer satisfaction

Our goal is to maintain long term relationships with vendors who share our commitment to quality. We continually work with our vendors to refine the quality process. Since they represent Blue Crystal Software to our customers, our partners are selected based on their ability and commitment to provide total customer satisfaction.


Our customers are encouraged to participate in the quality process by providing feedback and suggestions for our products. This feedback is crucial for enhancing the quality process and measuring its effectiveness. It is equally important in assisting us in creating products that work the way our customers do.

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